Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo + Music Entertainment?

After a fruitful shoot for my friend, an idea struck me all of a sudden. Why not i provide a double service? Like, asking one of my photographer friends to take photos while i do music entertainment like playing the guitar and singing? This idea sounds rather practical and i am gonna try it once i'm back from New Zealand. Right now, i need to get a Uke and start learning to play it. Please, let me know your comments and feedback about this idea!

Anyway, today was a total shopping spree! Woke up super early at 730am, got down to Liat Towers, entered Zara, picked my jacket and swooosh, 59 bucks gone. It was a steal actually, given that it was a thick jacket and that it was fashionable. Right after that, met weihan to return his book and then collected my visa. After lunch, went to Paragon, got my new shoes and swoooosh! 90 bucks gone. omg. never felt so happy even though i'm seriously broke. But... I got my $$ from the money i earned recently, and these items are indirectly bought for exchange.

Now i am all drained and i suspect i have swine. Haha. shit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Happy Birthday Xue Ting! Sincerely wished that you enjoyed every single moment spent in your cosy little home in Bangkit. Very honoured to be employed by you for my services. Thanks for trusting me so much, in return for that, i will only present to you my best of your 21st birthday memories.

Has been a great day to really practise my indoor flash photography. It has not been very easy, took me about 50-70 shots to begin to get the hang of it. There was this crazy little bugger, whom i believe is the cousin who gets onto my nerve very often. Making comments like "I think it's very invasive to use flash inside the room" and "Using flash again?" and "What are you here for ah actually?" I was holding back my ah bengness for quite some time, seriously i felt like landing my fist onto his f*ck face. What was i there for? Take photograph la! Then help u clean the floor ar, crazy bastard. Indoor, low light, don't use flash use what? Use ur mother-f*cking-table-lamp is it? Well.. I soon got to realise that he is a bit crazy and therefore i decided to not take it to heart.

Everything else went according to plan (not as if i had one) and smoothly. The food was great, the people even greater and the experience was one-hell-of-an-important one for me. Even though i was already drained by the time the clock struck 8.30pm, i had to carry on photographing, bearing in mind my objective, that is only to capture the best moments. I sort of extended my stay till 10pm so that i could capture more stuff.

Watching her cry before her cake cutting somehow reminded me of my 21st, where i seriously cried a river. Well, i think there isn't a need for any details here, since i am already very tired and seriously need some sleep to continue touching up her photos.

Buddy, if you are reading, still going strong there!

Friday, June 19, 2009


This week has been pretttty hectic. Been meeting different groups of people just before i leave in 2 weeks time. Time flies really fast a few weeks before a major event. I still remember how i tell mario and jerome i will be leaving in 3 weeks time after returning from Darwin. Now, it is just 2 more weeks and i'm off.

Meeting up with different people makes me realize how friends are so important to me, and also that there are actually true friends out there for me. I must also take this chance to thank my friends : Rome and Rio, Yan and Min for making my Darwin trip so exciting and crazy. The filming of my inaugural movie : Ninja Warrior : Survivor Darwin and also English 101 were totally crazy. Other than the Darwin people, the special Indonians who made my trip to Jogja and Solo so damn fun and fruitful. Speaking and practising my Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia was nothing really like what's happening during BI class. Special thanks to Ibu Fanny, SK and Alexandra for the extra company and fun injected into my 6 days in Jogja.

Thanks to kenne for his generosity in lending me his flash which i haven't really used for so long. Finally i will be using it tomorrow for Xueting's 21st birthday. Frankly speaking, i am not very confident about the shoot tomorrow but guess what? I will be all geared up for the best shootout of my life. Lunch was great today, although the weather isn't really. But, well i'm glad to meet up with my army mate.

As i am typing this blog post, i still have 9 -12 videos to edit and compile to finish up my Ninja warrior movie. I am so lagging behind and i hope to finish up before i leave for New Zealand on the 4th July. Yea, speaking of which, actually i do not expect a huge turnout for my departure but at this point of time, i foresee a rather big turnout on the 4th. This only shows how fortunate i am to have friends like these.

As for Buddy, hope you are enjoying every single moment out there in Germany. I cannot really forget but i can forget.

Well, i have nothing much to say already. I am dead beat from all the walking around today. Have to garner up some energy for tomorrow's big event. Here is a snippet of the movie Ninja Warrior!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few more hours to Yogya!

Yes! I am finally going to escape from the extreme weathers of Singapore. Today had been quite a bad day, not being able to sleep properly the night before, i woke up rather early to do some clearing up before i head to Raffles Place to change some money. The rates were rather good, like 7062 per Sing Dollar. However, looking at the rates for NZD, my heart took a plunge. It's rising rising and rising. My heart is dropping dropping and dropping! Please, USD, please brace yourself up and rise!

I'm so sad, i will not be able to see my buddy for at least one year. Just learnt that today. It's bad! And she's leaving for London a few hours earlier than me leaving for Yogya. However, i know time will pass by like even before i know it and 1 year will be like 1 month, given the kind of things i will do in between that duration.

I am rather tired now and i think i should go now. Keep logged on for photos!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kill all the Commuters

Been a very angsty and bad Thursday! Every moment today was a moment of "damn this stupid person, i wish i could kill him or her" . First started with a stupid commuter on the train. As usual, the train was packed. As far as i can remember, there wasn't a time where the train isn't packed. Everybody was squishing and squashing and it was quite bad and my mood started taking a turn for the worse. Upon reaching City Hall, this damn lady, i guess in the middle ages, pushed me from behind even before the freaking doors were opened. I turned back and gave the " i-am-so-gonna-kill-u-now" look. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with all these people? I finally see how Singaporeans are accused of not bring gracious. Here is a puuuuurfect example of why we aren't.

Next, the victim became my dad. I just woke up from my nap, went downstairs to buy my dinner and realised that my dad gave me a missed call. Not knowing what's the matter, i gave a call back. Only to find out that he wanted me to bring up some stuff which is in no way urgent. I was super pissed. Why the hell would my dad want me to go down to pick up bread, joss sticks and 2 garlands of flowers? I mean the really small garlands. Can't he bring it up himself later? And the weather was freaking humid i sweat while going down. My mood immediately swung from worse to worst! I know i shouldn't be feeling this way, but i could not help it.

I hope... tomorrow will be free of such pissing me off events. It's a friday anyway. If such things were to happen, i would seriously kill myself.